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Who We Are

We build radios and manage multi-modal networks that deliver real-time cloud compute to the edge. We offer the ability to aggregate 4G, 5G, wireless and MESH networks that interoperate with thousands of technologies, enabling municipalities to connect and protect the communities we serve. 

Private Network 

Mobile Edge Compute

Offline Cloud Direct Connect 

Wi-Fiber Network and Edge-Cloud

Wi-Fiber's Software defined radios harness and extend the power of T-Mobile's nationwide 5G network and AWS cloud; to the far edge; delivering blended network edge-compute capabilities along with redundant offline direct-cloud connectivity.


Wi-Fiber's Network and Compute Service inter-operates 1,000's of disparate technologies in real-time to achieve layered and cooperative outcomes. Deployed by public safety teams across the country, our sensor aggregation and inter-operability platform delivers. Improved detection, prevention, alerting and response times. 

Turn-key, industry proven and vetted solutions to connect and protect your community


Public Safety

Scalable network, compute, cognition and application layer for real time detection, alerting, notification and response. 

Smart Campuses 

Instant recognition and alerting for potential school threats, such as guns, shots fired, hotlist license plates and unusual activities such as the presence of suspicious packages.

Smart Parks

Engage your Community with our Smart Park solution that provides public access wi-fi, emergency response, detection and notification for indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Smart Buildings

Seamless building integration from private-public network and wi-fi to automated door access control, smart screens, HVAC, water control, detection, occupancy reporting, utilization and parking management. 

Edge-Compute Services, powered T-Mobile's 5G Network and the AWS Cloud 


as a Service

Wi-Fiber's Infrastructure as a Service offering is designed to support municipal teams as they deploy and manage technology

as a Service

Open-architecture license plate recognition as a service. High speed, low speed, low light and adverse weather capable at speeds up to 150mph

as a Service

Take the cloud to your edge with Wi-Fiber and our offline AWS cloud direct-connect as a service

Private Network
as a Service

Wi-Fiber's Software Defined Radios blend fiber,  4G, 5G and legacy connections to create private multi-modal data transport and access networks 

Infrastructure as a Service

Canton, Ohio Technology Review 


Lack of Network and Compute needed to support their real time crime initiatives


Wi-Fiber's Infrastructure as Service inclusive of Wi-Fiber's Private Network and Edge Cloud Compute Platform 


1,000's of incidents detected, prevented and resolved, currently expanding this project throughout the State

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From our Clients

"As we continue to expand... it requires... broadband capacity, private network to the Police Department"
"It's a complete ecosystem... as the city grows... the platform can grow with us... it's a foundation for a complete sensor network"
"But what Wi-Fiber did for us is...we were able to establish locations where the suspects had been and we were able to get images of the suspect vehicle."

Thomas Bernabei

Mayor - Canton, OH

Michael Sherwood

CIO - Las Vegas, NV

John Gabbard 

Chief of Police

Canton, OH